Start Here: Why Use a Communications Plan

Updated: Jul 25

The communications plan is the guideline that informs all the decisions that your organization will make when trying to communicate.

Simply put, the communications plan will address what will be said to whom, how, and when it is sent to them. It will also establish what resources are available for communicating and how to measure how effective each activity is. The strategic plan is included beforehand to identify why your organization does what it does, which will inform the rest of the details in the communications plan.

This communications plan is specifically laid out to facilitate a small business, social enterprise, or non-profit organization’s general communications strategy. This should be used together with an organizational strategic plan.

This template is meant for use alongside the web resources available here. If you are filling the forms digitally, there are links included beside each section. Click on them if you would like a more detailed explanation of what the section is for. If you’re following along online, you can click the next button at the bottom right to see a description for the next section.

Before starting, I recommend talking with those who use your products or services to get an understanding of how they discovered your organization. This will also be useful to understand where your audience is, and how they hear about new things and ideas. The time put into researching where your audience is listening is sure to save you money.

Finally, your communications plan is useless if it is filled out once, dropped in a drawer and promptly forgotten. The communications plan should be reviewed, adapted, and amended as needed by your organization. It can also be used for short term goals, promotions, events and more.


Communications plan template
Download PDF • 149KB

If you use this template, please consider sharing a link to the template on my website with other people and organizations that might find it useful. If you would like to schedule a coaching call to set up a communications plan with me, you can email me at

Good luck with your planning!

Matthew Rempel



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