Risks in Social Enterprise – Social Enterprise Mindset

Updated: Jul 25

What kind of risks exist within your social enterprise? What risks are you willing to take, and what risks are you taking by avoiding decisive action?

In social enterprise, we make things more difficult when compared to business as usual because of our social goals. Adding social goals makes things more complicated, and complications usually cost more money. Knowing when to add more impact and when to focus on business fundamentals is essential when developing a social enterprise.


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About the Author:


Matthew Rempel is a social enterprise development coach, with a focus on marketing. He helps social enterprises focus in on the core values of their business, and present them in clear language for their customers and clients. He has also connected and interviewed many social enterprise leaders in his hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba. He is also a lifelong nerd, and will gladly use analogies from games and movies to explain complex topics.