Podcast: You Should Be Marketing

Updated: Jul 25

Marketing sometimes gets a bad reputation. It can be seen as a necessary evil of being in business. A dirty part of earning revenue.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Marketing is just the practice of being clear about the value you can offer to potential customers, and presenting it to them in a way that matches your company’s brand.

If you truly believe in the products and services that your social enterprise is producing, and you want to continue making the social change related to your business, you need to be marketing.

In this episode, we cover the basic sections of marketing: brand, and the customer journey.

I also extend a challenge to all social enterprise managers. Over the next week, take 15 minutes and sketch out the elements of your customer journey. The sections of your marketing funnel. Find out what areas make you uncomfortable and where you need to develop more resources. Please tweet your results to @MatthewRempel

Always remember: Keep it simple.


Do you have questions about marketing social enterprise? Please tweet @MatthewRempel or email Matthew@StrategyMadeSimple.ca.

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About the Author:


Matthew Rempel is a social enterprise development coach, with a focus on marketing. He has helped several social enterprises focus in on the core values of their business, and present them in clear language for their customers and clients. He has also connected and interviewed many social enterprise leaders in his hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba. He is also a lifelong nerd, and will gladly use analogies from games and movies to explain complex topics.