Podcast: Minimum Viable Audience

Updated: Jul 25

Principles of minimum viable audiences focus the efforts of business managers down to their core supporters and early adopters. They force attention on the specific people that the operation can help, and enables connection to happen with those people. It encourages conversation with those people and maintains the passion for the project.

Most social enterprises don’t need any help focusing on the social mission. What would happen if we put just as much care and attention into the products and services that we’re offering? Specifically making a minimum viable audience can help you do that.

Let’s collaborate together to help social enterprises maintain operations throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. You can join the conversation on Social Enterprise Connect.


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Geoffrey Moore’s Crossing the Chasm


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About the Author:


Matthew Rempel is a social enterprise development coach, with a focus on marketing. He helps social enterprises focus in on the core values of their business, and present them in clear language for their customers and clients. He has connected and interviewed many social enterprise leaders in his hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba. He is also a lifelong nerd, and will gladly use analogies from games and movies to explain complex topics.