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Podcast: 65. The State of the Movement with Nancy Neamtan

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Nancy Neamtan has been working on developing community economic development and the social economy ecosystem in Quebec for decades. Throughout that body of experience, she has been able to work on the challenges that come with building up a sector. In addition, she was one of the founders and builders of the Chantier de l’économie sociale, a major network of networks for the social economy in Quebec.

In this conversation with Nancy we discuss some of the challenges of building organizations in the social economy, such as how to scale organizations, finding impact investment, financing, and patient capital. We also discuss the upcoming issues and opportunities for the social economy, including how we can connect and collaborate, and helping to re-define the purpose of the economy.

You can continue the conversation by joining Social Economy Connect is a free mutual support platform for practitioners, social entrepreneurs, co-op members and developers and third sector supporters to discuss issues and solutions with a focus on social outcomes in the economy.




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Scripted, recorded and edited by: Matthew Rempel

Music provided by: Envato


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About the Author:

Matthew Rempel is a social enterprise development coach, with a focus on marketing. He helps social enterprises focus in on the core values of their business, and present them in clear language for their customers and clients. He has connected and interviewed many social enterprise leaders in Canada and around the world. He is also a lifelong nerd, and will gladly use analogies from games and movies to explain complex topics.



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