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You can create more impact through better social business design.

Social Entrepreneurs can learn the skills they need, build capacity in their teams and build better social enterprise systems.

What we help with:

Professional Development

If you're qualified to create a social program, but now you're being asked to run a business at the same time it can often be overwhelming. We have information, classes, and connections to help you learn what you need to know to run a social enterprise.

Social Enterprise Readiness

When you don't know if you're ready to start creating a social enterprise and you don't know where to start, we can help with strategic planning so you can build the foundation for starting a social enterprise

Product Development and Market Research

When you're ready to start, but need some professional help with due diligence, we can help with developing a business model or plan that serves both your organization's financial and impact needs.

Building Business Development Systems

If you already have a social enterprise but you're bogged down in the day to day work, we can help by building systems to help you grow your social enterprise.

Get the help you need:


Why Strategy Made Simple exists:

Our mission is to help social businesses create more social good by helping them create more value, grow responsibly and market confidently. We do this through coaching, classes, consulting, and connections.

We want to make sure that regardless of the funding available to an organization, that they're able to get information they need to help them create better social enterprises. This is why we offer various levels of support, including free information for organizations that can't afford to spend anything on business development right now.

To learn what is available based on your needs and budget, please contact us.


Our latest public resources:

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